contoh prosedur teks resep masakan ketoprak | bahasa inggris

contoh prosedur teks resep masakan ketoprak | bahasa inggris

di kelas 12, akan membahas tentang prosedur teks. dan dalam tema kali ini akan diberikan contoh cara membuat ketoprak menggunakan bahasa inggris. 

How To Make Ketoprak

to make ketoprak. first, prepare all the following ingredients : 
  • 2 white tofu 
  • 50 gr bean sprouts
  • 45 gr soy souce
  • 2 ketupat
  • 100 gr vermicelli
  • 150 gr peanuts
  • 1 garlic
  • 1/2 spoon salt
  • water
  • 15 gr brown sugar
  • 4 red chili
  • 30 gr tamarind water
  • 15 gr fried onions
  • crackers
second, Fry the white tofu until it's crusted and blanch the bean sprouts with hot water. Then, puree the fried peanuts, brown sugar, red bird's eye chilies and garlic.

third, Add salt, tamarind water, and boiled water to taste, then grind again until the peanut sauce is smooth. Transfer to a bowl.

fourth, Take a serving plate, arrange from bottom to top in the following order: ketupat, bean sprouts, tofu, and vermicelli. After all the ingredients are complete on the plate, pour the peanut sauce. Add the spicy sweet soy sauce bango on top.

Finally, serve it with a sprinkling of fried onions and crackers.

sekian pembahasan tentang prosedur teks beserta contoh nya. semoga bermanfaat. terima kasih.